Andre Ortiz

Freelance designer in Austin, TX


VoiceRoots is a storytelling application for preserving spoken stories. This new, Austin based start up is a break through concept with plenty of value and the potential to be very successful.

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Reticent Media

Reticent Media, a software development studio based in Austin, TX. The team has been so busy building amazing software, they never had time to design their own website.

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Logos & Illustrations

When I'm not being creative for clients, I'm creative for myself. This collection of experimental concepts vary in style and technique.

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User Interface Set

Creative Market, a fantastic way for designers to sell their work. I recently learned of them and decided to put together a simple UI Set to sell. I'm not a billionaire yet but my UI Set has been popular.

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LLS Responsive Design

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is a well known organization who has helped numerous people in their fight with cancer. I was excited to work on this fundraising concept with them. I teamed up with Theresa Neil for this project and delivered a solid product.

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I teamed up with to design an MVP for the California based startup. The real challenge was understanding the vernacular of the medical industry. Once that obstacle was behind us, we designed a beautiful mobile application.

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Built with and with Foundation, Gumbyframework, Middleman and running on Heroku. Copyright Andre Ortiz 2013.